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Jewellery in action

By sarahhyams4, Mar 16 2013 12:09AM

I love playing with diplays. Maybe its an adult version of playing shop? A modern version of shrine building?

At the moment I'm loving using lichen, arbutus berries, battered suitcases, old comics, vintage mirrors. I suppose a cross between what you'd find on a lovely walk and a few bargains from a car boot.

I have also been teaching. Last year did a 4 week course on charm bracelets. Love the idea of telling a story through a piece of jewellery. One of my current students has an amazing bracelet that littlerally charts her family's history, births, occupations, graduations.. Will have to see if I can photo it.

One of my old students is a pro-blogger and its thanks to her this site is up and running. Thanks Camilla. What she did in a jiffy-like fashion was much appreciated. She told me about this amazing exhibition at the Welcome Collection in London see

to see the wee film.

Above are some pics- students at work and some of my displays. I liked using my bench in a gallery space to give the feeling of litterally buying straight off the bench.

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