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MADE Brighton

By sarahhyams4, Nov 27 2013 11:36AM

Phew!!! Just finished an action packed time in Brighton's MADE show. Was BRILLIANT.. because

*lovely to be with lots of other inspiring makers

* my work got a good response

*re-connected with old buddies from my Brighton art student days

It was great to get out there and be in the public eye for a while rather than beavering away in the shed. Its great to do both. It was wonderful to go back to my craft roots in Brighton. Saw friends, made new ones, exchanged ideas...'tis all a moving flowing creation and really fun to go back to its source.

I'm quite pooped now so my writing isnt as eloquent as I'd like but hey ho! Was very pleased. Hope to be there next year and keep the connections going. Have my work in the iO gallery in Brighton and hope it will do well there too.

Its pop-up shops in Oxford for me now before crimbo. Other people selling my work whilst I'm in my thermals in the shed! Oh and I managed a sea swim in Brighton too! Freezing. My Cornwall hardyness is slowly getting more civilized.

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