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By sarahhyams4, Mar 15 2013 11:23PM


So home. Way back when it was Canada. Went back in October/November for my Grandma's memorial. Was so special to be there.

The ferry to Vancouver Island is a mystical experience; childhood nostalgia, root beer, burger and fries with relish, oh lots of relish. A man strums some bluegrass in the background, people seem either active, animated or relaxed and nonchalant, I suppose depending on if its business as usual or a rare treat. I jump up and down every so often to look out the window and imagine living on one of those gulf islands, surrounded by trees, mist, eagles orcas...Will I spot a whale, an eagle??? Not yet anyway but still its FACINATING...S P A C E ! ! ! !

Its overwhelming, the vastness, the space coming from the UK.

The images here pay homage to the trip, the beautiful spot at Point No Point where Grandmas ashes were spread ( in quite dramatic weather!). The shack where we went on to stay in when we went to Twisted Vine Farm ( see their blog ) Look out for Zena's Hearth-Lighting poem!

That shack was an inspiration, so simple, warm and cosy as were the people.

The mug is inherited from my grandparents- a wink to them and a wink to Yemanja too!

The last image is that of the view from my current home with slightly more humble 'sea views' than previous pics depict but still is rather lovely seeing that water.

Mar 21 2013 02:23PM by Camilla

That mug is amazing!

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